Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Green tea farm in Jeju island

Have you ever been green tea farm ?

There is so amazing !!!

This is green tea farm in Jeju island.
Maybe I need to introduce Jeju island.

Jeju island is in south area of South Korea.
Jeju island is a volcanic island surrounded by the beautiful sea and endowed with fresh air, clean water and fertile land.
There is the only lace that has won a triple-crown- Biosphere Reserve in 2002, World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2007 and Geological park in 2010 - from in the natural environment field.

Jeju island has optimum environment ideal for growing green tea trees.

* Optimum growing conditions
- Average temperature : 14-16℃
- Minimum temperature : -5℃
- Annual precipitation : over 1,300mm

* Jeju island
- Average temperature :16℃
- Minimum temperature : -4℃
- Annual precipitation : 1,776mm

I think the place is the best area for green tea.

This picture is green tea museum in Korea.
The biggest tea company in Korea runs this museum.

If you are in Jeju island, MUST TASTE green tea ice-cream.
It is sooooooo delicious !! :D

Who want to be in Jeju island with me?

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