Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jeju Green Tea Farm

4th July, 2012

I visited Jeju Island for green tea.
Actually, I had never been in Jeju island before.

In early morning, I arrived Jeju airport.

First, I went Hannam Farm.
The farm was FANTASTIC !!!
Look so beautiful !!!

Can you see black line?
Green tea under the black line will be Matcha.

Next, I went Dosun farm.
Don't need explain anymore.
Look the below Beauty picture

There looked like fresh natual farm.

Yoon-A of Girls' generation shot commercial film of cosmetic in Dosun farm.
Dosun farm is one of best beautiful tea farm in Korea.

I saw green, green, green, green...
I felt I have a dream.

And I went O'sulloc museum.

The weather was raining.

There didn't need ticket.
Lots of foreign tourists were in museum when I visit there.

I looked O'sulloc's long history and products.
The museum sells ice cream, smoothy and cake what are made of Green tea.

I will show lab of green tea soon.


Do you want to visit Jeju island, don't you?

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