Monday, 16 July 2012

Recipe ★ Green Tea Frappuccino

Materials : Green tea powder 1spoon, hot water 30ml, sugar 2table spoons, milk 180ml, ice cube 120ml, whipping cream

1. Mix hot water and green tea powder.

2. Add sugar, and mix them
3. Grind it with ice cube and mlk in a blender until ice cube is small.

4. Put ice cube in a cup

5. Put above green tea, and put whipping cream on the cup.
Sprinkle green tea powder on the whipping cream.

I failed putting whipping cream pretty.
Looks so poor, but taste is very good :D

I will make perfect frappuccino next time!

Green tea helps your face clean !!

Almost women is interesting beauty as hair, skin, clothes and accessories.
Nowadays, men is also interesting beauty, too.

I want to have clean skin like no spot, no freckle, no sunspot etc.
How about you?

Green tea will help your skin is clean and beauty.
Why green tea is good for skin? How to use it?
Start to know the effect of green tea !!

1. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Tannin
Green tea has Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Tannin.
Vitamin C is five times than lemon.
They make soft skin.

2. No skin trouble
Vitamin A and B of green tea help to make clean skin.
You can't see skin trouble.

3. Skin-lightening effect
Vitamin C and Tocopherol in green tea prevent freckle, and have skin-lightening effect.

4. Moisturise
As lots of amino acid in green tea keep water in skin, green tea is good for maintain moist skin.

How to wash with green tea?

Prepare tepid water after wash face.
Soak the green tea (teabag is also okay) in the water for more 1min.
Use the green tea water with rapping on your skin.
Please keep the green tea in refrigerator.

And you wash your face.
you use the soaked green tea.

In addition, you make green tea toner.
Making green tea toner is very easy, too.
Put green tea leaves or five tea bag in boil water for 3min.
And keep the green tea in a plastic bottle in fridge.
You use green tea toner in every morning or night.


Can't you sleep at night?

Really YES??


I recommend to make pillow from green tea.

How you make it?

Use soaked green tea what is reusable green tea !!

First, make green tea leaves dry, and than use the leaves for the stuffing of a pillow.
Delicate fragrance helps you are not troubled with insomnia

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jeju Green Tea Farm

4th July, 2012

I visited Jeju Island for green tea.
Actually, I had never been in Jeju island before.

In early morning, I arrived Jeju airport.

First, I went Hannam Farm.
The farm was FANTASTIC !!!
Look so beautiful !!!

Can you see black line?
Green tea under the black line will be Matcha.

Next, I went Dosun farm.
Don't need explain anymore.
Look the below Beauty picture

There looked like fresh natual farm.

Yoon-A of Girls' generation shot commercial film of cosmetic in Dosun farm.
Dosun farm is one of best beautiful tea farm in Korea.

I saw green, green, green, green...
I felt I have a dream.

And I went O'sulloc museum.

The weather was raining.

There didn't need ticket.
Lots of foreign tourists were in museum when I visit there.

I looked O'sulloc's long history and products.
The museum sells ice cream, smoothy and cake what are made of Green tea.

I will show lab of green tea soon.


Do you want to visit Jeju island, don't you?